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Our Broody Silkie Chicken with her new hatches

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Chickens move to the Grow Up Pen

Splash Wyandotte

We moved the last of the chickens in our “Broodabago” (the camper we turned into a brooder) out to the Grow Up Pen.
We now have about 100 chickens in our Grow Up Pen. We have Ameraucanas, Wyandottes that are Blue, Black, and Splash. It turns out if you breed a Blue Wyandotte rooster with a Blue Wyandotte hen you can get three different color offspring. We also have white Silkie and White Crested Black Polish. We are taking a break from hatching right now and plan to restart in July. We have sold a lot of the chickens we hatched. Lots of people are looking for laying hens. We recently traded 2 Black Polish for a 7 month old Rhode Island Red. She is the only RIR we have. Hopefully she will be Big Boys hen. Big Boy is our pet rooster. He’s mixed but we love him. He was the first chicken we ever hatched.

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Latest Update on Hatching at Green Power Farm

We continue to hatch more chicks here at Green Power Farm. We are hatching Ameraucana chicks which have ear muffs and beards and lay blue eggs. We are also hatching eggs from our Breeder Pen. I’m going to post the latest video of the new breeder pen we built. We have White Crested Black Polish, Silkie, Black Copper Marans, Blue Wyandottes, and Light Brahmas. Currently we have three incubators going in the living room. One we use as our hatching incubator. We love hatching eggs it is so much fun !!!!!!!

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