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DIY Cheapest Garden Watering System

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Sick Chickens – See this video for their symptoms

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Tylan Antibiotic Injections is the next step for our chickens

The Duramycin antibiotic helped with some of the chickens but we still have sick chickens. Our research shows that we should use Tylan 200.
We started the Tylan injections last night. (video to come)
We moved all of the chickens from the coop into the greenhouse 1 at a time for the injections

Dosing information for Tylan 200:
Tylan 200 dosing:
It has been found that an injection of Tylan 200 – 0.5 ml in the breast muscle, and a follow up injection 48 hrs later gives excellent results

Some people give the dosages below, it will be up to you to make the call as to how much you give you bird, as to how severe the problem is
For a bantam hen give between .
For a larger fowl give between 0.2-0.3 just depends on its weight

Dosing by weight of bird: (Turkeys and chickens)
Between 30-35 mg/kg, two to three times per day depending on severity.
The Tylan injectable can be given orally but it isn’t as effective as when you give it by injection.

How to do the math
First you should have an idea of how many pounds your chicken weights. There are 2.2 pounds in 1 Kg. So take the weight in pounds and divide by 2.2. This will give you the Kg of your bird.

If you have, say, a 1.3 kg bird and you want to know how much tylan to give it at a dose of 35 mg/kg. You know that you need to multiply 35 mg x 1.3 as this is the weight (in kg) of the bird. This tells you that your bird needs (35mg/kg x 1.3kg = 45.5 mg). Now you know how many mg you bird needs, but how much tylan is that? Well, if there’s 200 mg/ml in tylan 200, then (you can use cross-multiplication too for this) divide 200 mg/ml into 45.5 mg to tell you how many ml you need. 45.5 mg / 200 mg/ml = .2275 ml which is 0.23 cc or 23 units. On a 1 cc syringe, it is very easy to measure out 0.23cc or 23 units of tylan.

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My Favorite Rooster is Sick

Well I’ve been treating the chickens with duramycin in their water. Yesterday I noticed a few of the chickens are still getting worse. I’ve done some more research and I think my chickens are sick with Coryza. It looks like Tylan is the best treatment for this. Sending my son to Tractor Supply today and will start injections today. What a headache this has been…………….

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The Chickens have a Cold

I made the mistake you always read about. I’m ashamed to type this. I bought chickens from a fellow backyard farm and did not quarantine and treat them first. Now our chickens are sick with a cold. I have researched their symptoms and it seems like they have a Chicken cold or CRD or Chicken Bronchitis or any number of other respiratory illnesses. They started getting sick about 7 days ago. I went to the feed store and invested in some antibiotics. So far I haven’t lost any but I’m worried about my favorite rooster. Dominique did not look good last night. I brought one of my favorite Wyandotte hens in and kept her in the house until she was eating and drinking. That took about 5 days. I fed her Nutridrench and the antibiotic- Duramycin. Don’t worry we are not keeping any of the eggs being layed right now. If you have any ideas for other things I can do………….. please let me know. I don’t want to lose any chickens.

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