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DIY Wire Your Chicken Egg Incubator

Many people have watched our chicken incubator video and asked specific questions on our you tube site about how to wire the incubator to include the thermostat, computer fan, and light bulb. Please watch. This incubator has worked great for us. We started our flock with this video. Our neighbor gave us fertilized eggs and we built the incubator out of items around the house. We did have to purchase the thermostat. We bought it from Lowes in the water heater section. We put 11 eggs in and 8 hatched. That's a great result for our DIY Incubator. Keep watching for more videos.


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Smiley the Baby Goat in the house

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Caught All but Three Roosters

Well, we chased roosters and caught 10. Rick had to work on the rooster coop and strengthen the fence. Now it’s escape proof. Those roosters are fast. Three are still loose. One of the black Australorps likes to stand in front of my car and look at himself in the chrome of my bumper. It’s too funny. I guess he made a friend. Well- off to catch three more. What fun- chicken chasing!
Don’t forget to catch up on our videos on youtube.

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Separating the Roosters from the Hens

Yesterday we decided to separate the roosters from the hens. Of course we kept our two favorite roosters- Big Boy and Dominique- with the hens. It turns out that out of 20 chickens we bought in the spring- 13 were boys. There were 10 Buff Orphingtons that were presexed as female. It turns out that only three were girls. That doesn’t seem like very good odds. Anyway, we moved the roosters into the old goat house. By the time we got home last night all of them had escaped through the electric fence. They stayed out last night. It was so sad- they went up to their old coop and kept trying to jump through the fence. They are still out tonight. We are going to put them up tomorrow. We would like to let them just free range- but then the hawks will get them.

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