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The Chickens have a Cold

I made the mistake you always read about. I’m ashamed to type this. I bought chickens from a fellow backyard farm and did not quarantine and treat them first. Now our chickens are sick with a cold. I have researched their symptoms and it seems like they have a Chicken cold or CRD or Chicken Bronchitis or any number of other respiratory illnesses. They started getting sick about 7 days ago. I went to the feed store and invested in some antibiotics. So far I haven’t lost any but I’m worried about my favorite rooster. Dominique did not look good last night. I brought one of my favorite Wyandotte hens in and kept her in the house until she was eating and drinking. That took about 5 days. I fed her Nutridrench and the antibiotic- Duramycin. Don’t worry we are not keeping any of the eggs being layed right now. If you have any ideas for other things I can do………….. please let me know. I don’t want to lose any chickens.

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Trying to Keep the Chickens Warm

We’ve received about 6 inches of snow and this has created problems for the chickens. A few of our chickens have a cold. Rick has now closed in the chicken coop area and insulated it. We have put a heat lamp in there and broke down and bought a heated chicken waterer. Is waterer a word? We have looked for ideas to make our own and Rick is hoping to be able to build a diy project to keep the water from freezing in the other chicken coops. If you have an idea please let us know. Videos are coming on the insulated chicken coop. So far the chicken coop is now 20 degrees warmer than the outside temp.

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PYGP Welcome to the new Produce Your Green Power Page

The Green Power Farm has developed a new web page. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more exciting information.

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Rick is a DIY guy living in Western North Carolina. Many of his videos can be found at

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Roosters Everywhere at the Green Power Farm

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